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While watching the world record for Blacksite Rookie Set Seed, I decided to time the SC Commander interrogation, in the world record, the interrogation took 3 - 4 seconds, while any other runs I watched had it take 5 - 6 seconds, including mine. I'm pretty confident I didn't mistime it but it would be nice to get someone to check it too.

I was running an FPS Unlocker, if that changes anything. Is there any perk that allows you to make interrogations faster? I'm not that experienced so any answers would help!


Intimidation perks.


Thanks! I’ll make sure to try that, it weird bcz they don’t list it as an effect of the intimidation perk


@SonicXDSonicXD A lot of perks have side effects that are not listed. This is just one of them.


@hunter20571hunter20571 that’s odd, I thought atleast the wiki would list it.
hopefully it gets updated.