Loud Speedrunning Guide

By Tim123467Tim123467. Last updated

Update: updated the sections on The Financier and The Scientist

These are mostly just what I noticed when watching loud speedruns (an exception for The Withdrawal, that uses an untested strategy). The Freelance Heists are not included. Credit to Inhaler21, KillerOfKillers432, SpicyProSkills, and SkyDark_SD for doing most of the loud speedruns.

The Blacksite:
Assume that Rose is in cell B (if not, then Rose will take longer to walk to the control center so you will end up with a slow time). A player with pistols should run past the shredders and quickly open up cell B (which will teleport the other players). Everyone should go prone in front of cell B to guard against enemies while someone is getting ready to view the cutscene. Unfortunately, Rose's movement speed seems to be affected by the laggiest person on your team so keep that in mind. The first blast door will take 3 minutes to open. The demolition charges should be planted by the players with pistols or no guns. A few seconds before the last blast door opens, drop your weapons (except for pistols).

The Financier:
Everyone should have max Overdrill and bring a loud drill in their loadout. Follow these steps to hostage and interrogate Ryan Ross:

1. Run to where you can see him through the glass
2. Aim down sights at him
3. Shoot the glass and nearby guards while still aiming down sights
4. Interrogate him for information on the safe

The helicopter will take two and a half minutes to start up. Do not let the SWAT get to the helicopter. Camp at the escape 5 seconds before the helicopter is done.

The Deposit:
Plan A should be done since it is faster than Plan B. Compared to other objectives before the escape, the camera room hacks will take the longest to complete so they should be started as soon as possible. This means that the Specialist should bring pistols, lighter armor, and only 3 medkits so the Specialist can drop the equipment bag at spawn and run as fast as possible. Someone else should bring a Thumper. In addition, a Juggernaut should bring a C4 for the safe, a third person (not the one bringing Thumper nor C4) should bring 2 breaching charges, and the last person should bring a breaching charge. Either the third or fourth person should have max Overdrill.

The Specialist should immediately run to the upstairs camera room, start the hack, then run to the basement camera room and start that hack. The person with Thumper should immediately break the upstairs camera room window and while standing on the white concrete of the parking garage, thump the door to that room open (aim a bit above the window). The person with 2 breaching charges should immediately run to the basement and open the way to the basement camera room. The last person should get hostages and delay the phone. After that, the Specialist should hack Maddox Grey's computer for the ID while the person with C4 opens the safe and the others interrogate the manager for the vault code, then the person with a breaching charge left will open the door for the thermite. One person should have the vault keycard, another person (with max Overdrill) should have a drill, and a third person should have a single thermite. Before the hacks are over, the person with the vault keycard should be ready to use it while the person with the drill should be right in front of the vault and the person with the thermite should be near the reception area.

When there are around 20 seconds left until the thermite is done, camp near the thermite on the side of the reception area where the code is. A second before the thermite finishes, drop your weapons (except for pistols). Wait for the thermite to actually finish before rushing to the escape.

The Lakehouse:
All four players should bring a pistol and a Thumper; two people should only have 6 grenades each and no medkits. Immediately drop your bag and thump the door directly in front of spawn, then 3 people should each fire a single Thumper shot at the heavy security door and the last person should thump the server room door. Everyone should drop their Thumpers and take a server. The two people with grenades should drop their servers in the boat while the other two should drop their servers over the wall onto the bottom of the staircase connecting the docks then return to get the last two servers.

If the gunship does not appear after the first two servers have been placed in the boat, then you will not have a fast time. 12 grenades will be more than enough to take down the gunship unless some of them miss. After the gunship is down, place the last four servers in the boat then escape.

The Withdrawal (untested):
One player should bring a Thumper while two others should each bring a pistol. The Thumper person should immediately take the demo charge and thump the wall next to spawn (aim a bit to the right of the C4 icon to avoid blowing yourself up), then thump the wall and floor as usual. The player without a pistol nor Thumper should solo the cage. All equipment bags should be dropped into the basement, along with the non-pistol weapons that the two players with pistols brought.

Once the demo charge explodes, the two players with pistols should rush in while the Thumper person thumps the vault doors open. Those three should each get a bag of cash then run to the cage. While they are running to the cage, the person setting up the cage will be done and will bag and deliver the fourth bag of cash to the cage. After that, the two players with pistols will bag and deliver the last two cash bags.

After delivering the cash to the cage, pick up the weapons dropped earlier (except Thumper) then camp next to the bookshelf so you are not too far when Sparrow arrives. 5 to 10 seconds before Sparrow arrives (when there are no enemies), everyone should use a medkit. When you hear the explosion sound, run to the cage and quickly connect the cable.

The Scientist:
2 to 3 players should bring a Thumper. 1 to 2 players should thump the basement while the other player should thump the control center open. The hack will take two and a half minutes with max Speedhack. Two players should guard the inside power box while the other two players will guard the outside power box. The snipers looking over the escape should be sniped 15 seconds before the hack is complete.

Two people should bring a Thumper; also bring some grenades. Use the Thumper to open a way out of the Janitor area (to the right of spawn) then open up the access stations in this order: mid, right, helipad (use the two Thumpers to quickly open up the first access station). Do not let the ETF get to the current power box. The armory should be located for the C4 and additional grenades there. Someone should plant the C4 on the helipad so it can be detonated when the gunship is directly above it. If you are not in Ironman mode, then have one player tank each missile. After the first missile is fired, throw your grenades at the gunship. After the second missile is fired, run to the escape.

Black Dusk:
Each person will have a role: one person will plant the bombs in Operations (The Operator), one person for Workshop (The Pyro, should have max Overdrill), one person for Development (The Developer), and one person will plant the C4 where the Onyx Unit will be (The C4 Person). The Developer will have the Thumper and a blowtorch (possibly an optional breaching charge), the Pyro will have a loud drill, and the Operator and the C4 Person will both have a breaching charge and a blowtorch.

The Operator and the Developer will take 3 bombs each while the Pyro will take the last 2 bombs. Before enemies start spawning, the door leading to the vents above Development should be thumped. After that, the Developer will need at least 3 Thumper shots remaining (2 if he or she has a breaching charge), else your speedrun is over. The blast door at the beginning will finish when the Dusk Countdown is at around 13:52.

Once the blast door opens, the Developer will thump the door immediately to the right of the blast door and then thump both the staircase door and the door next to that with the same Thumper shot. The Pyro will grab thermite from the basement while two people climb the pipe and blowtorch the bars to Workshop and while the last person defends the others.

After that, the Pyro will drill the vent opening at the back of the tunnel and plant the thermite above the vault while the Operator and the C4 Person blowtorches the bars to Operations and while the Developer accesses Development from the vents and thumps or breaching charges the door to the server room. The last two breaching charges will be used for the armory and the room where the bombs are planted in Operations. The C4 Person should take the C4 in the armory and in the basement then plant them where the Onyx Unit will be before the last bombs are planted.

After bombs have been planted inside the vault, everyone should be in position to plant the last bombs then after that, everyone should be on the ground floor in front of the Onyx Unit (the Pyro at the back, one person crouching behind the blue box, one person leaning behind the boxes in the middle, and one person to the right aka Onyx's left). Use F57 against Onyx; do not empty your magazine before reloading, reload when you have a few bullets left in the magazine. The mission will end after the Onyx Unit has been defeated, you do not need to return to the elevator again.