The Scientist Legend Stealth Guide

By Koni210Koni210. Last updated

The Scientist, The Scientist... Our new mission. Here's how to beat it on Legend Stealth No Kills. (obtain the badge)

There are a total of 12 guards, 4 outside, 4 inside (including Falcon), 1 in the basement guarding Rivera, and 3 in the control room.

Step 0 [Equipment]: Lockpick
Trackers (optional)
Step 1 [Getting inside]: There's 4 places to enter the house, 2 double doors, 2 normal doors. All of em are wooden, which means, You can break their lock easily. And picklock 'em fast. Let's focus on the second thought.
You can enter the double door, right next to the basement. (on the right side of the shed, also it's the safest route) After that open the basement, and get inside.

Step 2 [Getting Rivera]: When You see the door, a timer starts, after the timer expires, You know exactly who You need to knock out, because Jackdaw figures it out. You can fiqure it out on Your own tho, but it's risky.

Step 3 [Obtaining the keycard]: When Falcon starts talking on his radio for no reason (not detecting anything suspicious, or not seeing You) that means he's talking with other operative, take em out. They can be either outside or inside. However, on legend there are multiple Operatives talking on their radios for no reason, if You take out 2 wrong operatives, a timer starts, after it expires alarm goes off. Have fun guessing 🙂

Step 4 [Guard, and control room]: After You enter the basement door, there's gonna be a guard guarding Rivera, while being in the basement room, You're not trespassing, or anything, so just get close to them and knock em out. Now You need to get to the control room, get the screwdriver, open the panel, rewire it, and voila!

Step 5 [Clearing the control room]:Wait till guards won't be lookin' on each other, or try to be a sonic, and knock em all out at once. Have fun 😃

Step 6 [Clearing the house]: Start from the inside. Taking out Falcon now, won't change anything. You can take him out. Hide the body, or leave out in the open and take the risk that somebody will see it. Take out rest of the operatives, try to take spots where operatives from outside won't see these inside. After that, take out the operatives from outside. Best spots are: Shed, and garage. The objective will be done after about 5 seconds, so yeah, go make some tea for Yourself.

Step 7 [Winning]: Go to the heli with Rivera, done. If You didn't kill anyone, or didn't set off the alarm, You've got the badge! Now go tell Your friends about it.

Now, I know this guide is not 100% accurate. Maybe You'll be able to create a better one. Thanks.