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If I am not wrong, Ramone has been made in GameMaker:Studio.
As I done with Another Perspective or 10 Second Ninja, I can make a TAS Mod of the this game if wanted, but I'ld need the source code.
Anyone interested ?

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I WANT TAS THIS GAEM PLIZ Kappa i agree dude


It would require to get the source code.
Pixel & PerilousPeanut, could you please give me the source code ?

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So, developers, what do you think of it ?

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The TAS tool is done.
Yes, done.
"wow you did it fast, I thought you said in a week or so ?" I cheated because I used old scripts from other TAS tools.
"why isn't it online yet ?" Because .... the version that Pixel gave me is leaky.
Well all the files are here, but it can't be compiled with the current GM:S version, thus making impossible for me to test it and to compile and to share.
"well if you didn't test it, how do you know it works ?" well I don't know, but considering I copypasted from other Tools, it might work correctly.
"When can I see this version ?" As soon as Pixel finds a way to fix this bug.
"What's the error ?" It's a problem with Assets compiler, the Yoyogames compiler doesn't understand what Pixel wrote and thus can't compile it.


I have no idea why it's not working for you. Robin and I co-developed Ramone and GMS never had any problems with that. 😕


Well you could try to compile the version I placed on and see if it works for you.
The original project file you sent me isn't working so I didn't made any mistake I guess

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