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I'm interested in trying out speedrunning this game as I really liked the driving physics in my casual playthrough but I'm not sure how to be able to skip cutscenes or what's actually required before you can advance the story each night so I'd really appreciate some sort of guide, even if i have to machine translate it


Thanks for the interest.
I will describe the guide written in Japanese in the guide.
It's easier than the way I run.
If you have any questions, please ask me.

It's an automatic translation, so I apologize if it's hard to read.

(edited: )

Automatic translation is perfectly fine by me, just needed something to get started. Thanks! The only question I still have is that I'm not sure how to make the second round data from a competed save.


After preparing the clear data, set the character speed and other parameters in the configuration.
Next, overwrite the clear data when creating the system data from NEWGAME.

When this created data is selected from CONTINUE, it will start the timer.

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