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I know it's banned, and I know it's practically impossible to get less than sub1 seconds for 25 tiles, but considering the length of the world record right now, it would be best to allow emulators as long as there is a recording of it.


Think about it this way. Even me, my cps is roughly 24~28 depending on how i vibrate my wrist. I barely know anyone that has a higher cps, but let's assume they do. Let's also assume 30 cps. 25/30 = 0.83 seconds. This assumes perfect RNG manipulation, which using information I know:

1.165 seconds took roughly 13~18 hours (13 hrs excl breaks, 18 hrs incl breaks)
1.122 seconds took 133 hours incl 3 hrs of breaks.

Knowing this, we'll plug in the exponential constant to this "e". A gap of 0.43 seconds took a gap of (ave. gap) 116 hrs.

To work out our total, we plug it into an exponential calculator to receive
213576.404282820615927734375 minutes
which is
3559.6067380470102654622395833333 hours
which is
148.31694741862542772759331597222 days
which is
21.188135345517918246799045138889 weeks
you get the idea

Allowing emulators will mean we no longer require pressing something that has sometimes has a touchscreen clicky rate (which i had to buy new phones constantly), rather we can use a keyboard.


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