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I haven't held the world record for this since March when I went on a hiatus from speedrunning, but now I'm back, and have it again. Let's see how long this one lasts.

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PM 3.6
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Second place
25m 38s
5 years ago
5 years ago
5 years ago
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1Monkeys Unite0m 36s 439ms0m 36s 439ms
2Come On, Blue Falcon0m 37s 883ms1m 14s 322ms
3The Aura is With Me0m 26s 230ms1m 40s 553ms
4The FAST and Easy Life0m 25s 202ms2m 05s 755ms
5Three-Beast Carnage0m 17s 960ms2m 23s 715ms
6Don't Get Hit0m 33s 991ms2m 57s 707ms
7All-Star Semifinal0m 31s 628ms3m 29s 335ms
8Sonic Boom0m 48s 845ms4m 18s 180ms
9The Ultimate Bodyguard0m 58s 568ms5m 16s 749ms
10The Bowser Challenge1m 09s 513ms6m 26s 263ms
11Advant of the Evil King0m 20s 745ms6m 47s 008ms
12Dragoon Strike0m 34s 331ms7m 21s 340ms
13All-Star Battle Melee
0m 47s 189ms8m 08s 529ms
14The Visitor to Flat Zone0m 34s 105ms8m 42s 635ms
15High-Tech Special Forces0m 24s 504ms9m 07s 139ms
16The Pirate Airship0m 35s 160ms9m 42s 300ms
17The Wolf Hunts the Fox0m 25s 035ms10m 07s 335ms
18All-Star Battle x20m 58s 504ms11m 05s 840ms
19The Final Battle0m 38s 957ms11m 44s 798ms
20The FINAL Final Battle0m 57s 885ms12m 42s 684ms
21Two Trouble Kings0m 22s 242ms13m 04s 926ms
22Landmaster Ignition1m 08s 601ms14m 13s 527ms
23Pink Ball Repulsion0m 11s 732ms14m 25s 260ms
24Kirby's Mass Attack1m 08s 046ms15m 33s 306ms
25A Skyworld Engagement0m 56s 875ms16m 30s 181ms
26Become the Champion0m 50s 594ms17m 20s 775ms
27Bird in Darkest Night0m 19s 216ms17m 39s 992ms
28Diddy Kong Panic0m 28s 962ms18m 08s 955ms
29Triple Finish!0m 15s 926ms18m 24s 881ms
30Clash of Swords0m 45s 175ms19m 10s 057ms
31All-Star Battle Regulars0m 53s 679ms20m 03s 736ms
32Yoshi's Rainbow0m 18s 981ms20m 22s 718ms
33Sleeping in the Eggs0m 12s 482ms20m 35s 201ms
34Flower Pikmin0m 43s 314ms21m 18s 515ms
35Hammer of the King0m 09s 093ms21m 27s 609ms
36Power Suit ON!
0m 24s 854ms21m 52s 463ms
37Brink Expedition1m 55s 995ms23m 48s 458ms
38Dark Link Duel0m 12s 607ms24m 01s 066ms
39Metal Battle in Metal Cavern
0m 26s 110ms24m 27s 177ms
40All-Star Battle x10m 49s 532ms25m 16s 709ms
41Visit to Onett0m 21s 423ms25m 38s 133ms