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I think it would be really cool to have a Secret Agent category for speed running. The main difference being that you need to complete the level with the Secret Agent rank.


Possibly, I've started routing the first level and my best time so far is around 3:40 which is about a minute longer than the usual run. I imagine the time difference gets bigger in the later levels. Saying that, I do think that having the new category will encourage more competition since normal runs have been pretty much perfected by Horned_Reaper, and I doubt they will be beaten unless you're really lucky, or some sort of new glitch/exploit is found.

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Those are IL segmented soo you can grind those up, in full game run it would be harder to do it, i was thinking about highest difficulty highest rank run but its takes even longer, though it would be possible to use some tricks to accomplish that but there is non, AI is just too good and hears/sees everything you do. On first level you can just go right through water to another side of a bridge and skip most enemies but its stupid how you need to have 100% accuracy with this shitty glock(dont know if you get higher rank if you won't shot any bullets) , another thing on hard difficulty forced shooting maps as helicopter ride would have to be perfect to just not to die couse of op ai and high damage that you are receiving. Soo doing easy highest rank is most likely a thing.


I do agree with you that highest difficulty and highest rank is probably just too difficult, and getting high accuracy does depend a lot on RNG so doing Secret Agent on easy is the way to go.