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I know this subject was brought up earlier. But the thread is closed that is why I open a new one.

I think it would be better if categories would be broken down by fighters. Just like Street Fighter V
This would make things more fair for certain fighters.
Since it would be impossible for some Pokémon to end up high in the rankings. This would also help for new runners of this game to choose their favorite character and make the runs more accessible. But this is just my two cents.


as far as I can see they have it set up exactly the same

as I've explained in the other thread,
if you make every character its own category,
you end up with a clusterfuck of categories while losing every sense of overview.

Filters are the way to go for this,
as it allows you to see what's the fastest overall,
and if you want to see what's fastest for a specific character, it's only 2 clicks away.

I'd also like to avoid misusing the Level leaderboard in that way for the sake of not breaking anything when the site inevitably gets an update.


As you said in the edit I did meant the level leaderboard yeah. Sorry if that wasn't clear in my first post.
I still think that it wouldn't hurt to have it like that. But I do understand it is more work and a pain if the site gets an update.

I wanna thank you for your response. Normally I wouldn't restart a conversation, so sorry about that. But it wasn't exactly clear to me why the leaderboard is the way it is from the previous post.

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