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My main copy of the game is moon, so I would rather run sun as I already own it. What are the biggest time deficits and possible route changes I have to deal with running Sun? I see that every run so far is on moon so that is probably the better version to speedrun.


I think in Sun you get absolutely f¤¤ked by Dexio, but I'm not totally sure

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Its not that Sun is "slower" but rather its less consistent than Moon in the spots that are different.
- Normal Trial: You don't have a Dark typing to take advantage of with Popplio early on
- Dexio fight: his Espeon has confuse ray, which can lead to trolling, unlike Sina's fight in Moon which only has a damage range on Delibird
- Grass Trial: in Sun there is a Parasect with Spore, Leech Life and it has Dry Skin as its ability I believe (meaning no 1 shot with the Z move), which can troll a lot more than the Shiinotic in Moon. Granted Shiinotic ain't troll-free either as it has Sleep Powder, but at least that move can miss.
- Solgaleo: Solgaleo imo has an easier time setting up than Lunala, as it doesn't have to deal with 2 x4 weakness that are very prevalent in most of the end game and its ability help him not get debuffed while setting up. His main problem is that Zen Headbutt has 90% hit rate. Other than that I think he does fine in the end game

Dunno if I'm forgetting something else. Either way its definitely possible to get good times in Sun, just would need to adjust your route to make up for the differences.

I run Moon mostly cause my main game file is in Sun btw, then I found out it was the version most people were running here haha 😛

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Thanks I appreciate it, then it might be better to use litten for sun with the things that you mentioned.
Also I could get past the water trial by getting a dry skin paras. I am not sure honestly how I would handle it otherwise. Dexio can be handled by any dark type as the espeon only knows psychic type moves.
As for solgaleo He would probably be fine using special attacks his base special is 113 so it is still a reasonable option.

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If you are still interested Ag0423, I did 2 runs in Sun recently testing itotaka's route and my own, I can say that version "feels" faster. I'm mainly gonna name the differences I noticed with the versions. This are obviously just impressions based on experience, so take them with a grain of salt. (both runs used Popplio though)

- Normal Trial: is surprisingly a lot safer in Sun, the Yungoos and the Gumshoos are slow as hell and you still 2 shot them with water gun, which leads to less healing/risks during the trial (ratattas hit a lot harder and they outspeed most popplios). Totem is also safer, but slower. Disarming voice is really nice there for Moon, but in Sun you gotta use a Guard Spec. turn 1 so Totem Gumshoos doesn't lower your speed with scary face, thanks to this you can still outspeed the Totem though with a decent speed Popplio, which avoids Bite flinch haxes (unlike Totem Raticate where you have to pray cause it outspeeds you).

- Dexio fight: if you go for Echoed Voice strats, this fight ain't as bad as I thought, but the risk of confusion is still there. Not using Echoed Voice (like Itotaka does in his run) makes for a slower fight though. Sina still the safer/faster fight regardless though.

- Grass Trial: Itotaka gets Hidden Power in the day care and checks his HP there. If its a HP that its super effective against Grass pokemon, it makes the Grass trial REALLY fast with Brionne. Problem is... its Hidden Power, so most of the time it ain't gonna be what you want without some sort of manipulation and if its Neutral or Not very effective the Parasect can eat you alive lol. Echoed Voice is decent here, but can still get trolled by Parasect a lot and the Fomantises are slower. This is where Moon would be the safer version imo, with or without HP/EV, Shiinotic is just so much easier to deal with.

- Solgaleo: Solgaleo is pretty amazing, you can do the E4 without having to open the menu outside of battle if you don't get trolled. You replace Zen Headbutt with Psychic for better hit rate and still destroys Hala after 1 X Sp.A, even with -Sp A nature, which is what I got. Solgaleo struggles a bit in the Final Hau fight though, Itotaka uses Primarina to take out the Incineroar as its pretty dangerous, I feel like if we get Bulldoze for Solgaleo it would make for a faster fight (as we wouldn't need to switch and just sweep), but the money route is pretty tight by the point you get to the center with Bulldoze, so would need to test if its worth it. (Maybe Z Sunsteel Strike would do it with enough X Attacks? need to test)

Thats it, hope that helps. I will keep testing Sun (and Moon) and see if I can improve/beat Itotaka's time eventualy 😛


That's awesome I have been really busy lately and have not had time to speedrun unfortunately. But when I am available expect a run through sun.