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heya guys!

Just starting to look into speedrunning, and saw that there is no Alolan pokedex run for these games. how would i go about creating one and then doing a run for it sometime soon?

just finishing up a nuzlock run now, so am serious about restarting and doing this, it might take (once i've practiced) 15, 16 hours?

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Exactly as with other run categories: do a run of it, find at least two other people who are willing to actually commit time routing or at least running this with a plan. Then we can talk about adding it as an official category on the leaderboards.

Besides that, nothing prevents you from running a category you invented, even if there are no leaderboards for it. As I said for a previous suggestion in US/UM (that was way more unreasonable than this proposal), we can have unofficial leaderboards of this in these forums where the OP can be edited to reflect the leaderboards in text form 🙂


awesome! thats good news! i've got a couple of friends keen to help me get it ready and when i think its good i'll submit a draft route to these forums, see what people have to say to help!

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Should you have completed a run of this category yet, let us know and you'll be able to request your category here: