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From the rules:

"All emulators are hidden for this game by default, as all emulators play this game faster than any console can, and therefore do not produce accurate results, or provide fair competition.

Accepted emulator is DeSmuME 0.9.11.
All other emulators are banned."

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I don't agree with emulator runs being hidden by default myself but it's a different question that doesn't fall within the purview of this one.

Your run being hidden on a leaderboard doesn't preclude you from still running it for fun.


The reason they are hidden is because they are completely inaccurate and don't provide fair competition, as the rules clearly state. I agree with them being hidden as it is unfair to compare console runs against emulator runs, since emulator runs will obviously be faster because of the loading times.

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is there any chance of another category being added for emulated runs?


Highly unlikely to just get a separate category. If you want to compare just emulator times, you can simply filter out console times and only show emulator times.

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I have a quick question and I'm only asking because it is linked to my Speedrun timer does the Friends emulator count as a Desume emulator I only asked because when I linked my boy emulator with my Speedrun timer app it force me to link the freends emulator as well so it made me curious if it counted as a improved emulator or as one of the improved emulators