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Hey guys, I wanted to discuss something I found over on the Pikmin Wikia. Apparently, there is a glitch that allows a day to go on for as long as you like. If you switch captains on the last frame of the day, it apparently will cause the day to not end until you switch back to the original captain the day was supposed to end with. I don't even know how it works or if there's a way to make it optimal if it does work since it sounds VERY precise, but I still wanted to discuss this with you guys.


1. Never trust the Pikmin Wikia.
2. Never trust the Pikmin Wikia.
3. Never trust the Pikmin Wikia.
4. The glitch is fake.
5. Even if it was real it wouldn't help with anything since every day can be completed as much as possible before time runs out.

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Thanks, dude! Appreciate it!