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The PS2 version is a lot less expensive than the Xbox version and this game seems fun to run so I was thinking of buying it, but after checking the leaderboards I saw that almost all the runs were on Xbox and PC. Are the PS2 load times slower or something? Why don't people run on the PS2 version?


It just has better textures and more consistent framerate from what I can tell, the PC version is also ransomware and is easier to setup capture for. See https://www.speedrun.com/outrun_2006_coast_2_coast/run/m7ger80m and https://www.speedrun.com/outrun_2006_coast_2_coast/run/m31w6ggz compared to the other runs on their respective board for if you want to make an easier decision. If you want to learn the game on PS2 then that is fine imo.

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I think you meant abandonware, not ransomware... :'D

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Yeah, best avoid ransomware 🙂

But seriously, it's not strictly abandonware but with the licence expired and no legitimate way to buy it new anywhere, it's fair game as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, there is no technical difference however the PS2 dualshock has a HUGE deadzone which makes it less precise than the lovely Xbox port. The stock PC release was not very good at all (a very disappointing port) but the FXT mod fixed a lot of little things such as the lack of FFB-like Vibration and, coupled with the higher resolution, is the game we really should have got in 2006.

The Japanese PS2 version (called Outrun 2SP) is arguably the best version to play as it features native Driving Force Pro FFB support. But it's hard to find outside of emulation or burning a disc.