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Hi All,

I'm a seasoned Outrun 2006 C2C/2SP player from pretty much day one in the arcade (and Sega nut all the way back to the mastersystem) 🙂

Is there any chance of these leaderboards being set up correctly? I'd love to set up a bunch of times in an organized way rather than simple 'any car, any Transmission, any route, any goals, any mode' runs. And i'd like to attract the old guard of Outrun 2/SP players from 15 years ago to get back to playing this masterpiece once again (RJ, F40, Spence, AM2M3, Shiggs, Isamuu etc...). All of our times from back then are restricted to the wayback machine for the arcade game site and lost to the ether for OG Xbox Live and i'd love to have a lasting documentation of our legacy other than blurry, decade-old Youtube videos at 360p. But they are unlikely to drop times on the leaderboards as they are set up at the moment.

I realize that this game originally had MANY leaderboards on Xbox live during it's life and this was a problem sumo digital were painfully aware of. If you count every combination of courses and routes, there were EIGHTY FOUR time leaderboards for the game (60 individual lap forward & reverse over 2 and SP tracks, 20 'GOALS' forward & reverse over 2 & SP courses and 4 of the 15 stage tracks forward & reverse over 2 & SP tracks). And that's not including the score leaderboards for Outrun and Heart Attack modes)

Obviously the above is FAR too many so to simplify, I'd suggest the following leaderboards:

GOAL A, B, C, D, E - Regular Cars, AT or MT combined, Normal or Tuned combined, Forward (not reversed)

15 STAGE GOAL - Regular Cars, AT or MT combined, Normal or Tuned combined, Forward (not reversed)

GOAL A, B, C, D, E - OR Cars, AT or MT combined, Normal or Tuned combined, Forward (not reversed)

15 STAGE GOAL - OR Cars, AT or MT combined, Normal or Tuned combined, Forward (not reversed)

And only for the SP courses (maybe the OR2 courses in time but there is also the plain old Outrun 2 for that so no panic). So that's just 12 leaderboards.

I guess the same as above for 'Outrun mode' due to popular demand (Outrun mode is really a score attack rather than a time based challenge). I would be hopeful the Outrun and Time attack modes are kept separate either way as both modes demand a completely different approach of play.

I hope it's considered and am willing to help (I'd rather NOT be a mod or verifier but would do so temporarily to help set up)

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If the mod approves and we get some others to chime in on changes i'm more than willing to implement all this myself

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I agree that this would be great. Having specific time goals instead of a generic 5 stage one gives people diversity when playing as they have more options to aim for, we would probably end up with the same names towards the top, but if some people struggle for Goal D or E and just want the enjoyment of perfecting Goal A or B then they have something to play against. I am currently doing some score attacks for certain goals on a different website, i wont say where just incase, but will mention it if wanted to

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I'm going to chime in and ask for these changes as well. My friend and I are currently grinding out Time Trials and I would like to see how they stack up against some stronger players.

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No matter. A brand new game has been added to SR.C for Outrun 2SP


This variant opens up players of Outrun 2SP (the arcade game featured within Outrun 2006) as well as players of Outrun Online Arcade (PS3, 360), Outrun 2SP arcade players and Teknoparrot players.

This game in no way invalidates 2006 C2C (after all, 2006 is as distinct from 2SP as 2SP is from 2006). There are a lot of leaderboards set up and attempting to have these alongside similarly set up 2006 boards would be a NIGHTMARE to set up. Though I do hope the 2006 leaderboards are brought into line with the 2SP and OR2 leaderboards some day. It would be nice to see fastest times for Goals A, B, C and E in OR cars. And pure time attacking too.

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