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i don't know if or if not i am allowed to submit a run into the glitchless category that involves me skipping animations via crouching. the rules tab confuses me and when ever i check other players runs to see what they do, i see some utilising it and other runners that do not. also, am i allowed to jump over the falling floor in the female ward before it brakes and submit it as a glitchless run?


you cannot jump over the floor, nor cancel any animations using crouch. if there is a run on the leaderboards with that, pls link so we can fix that 🙂


its the ps4 wr. he uses it in the basement on administration block and once again on underground lab


also, im allowed to drop from the ladders in the sewers right? ive seen many runners do that


for ladders in sewers you need to first climb onto them and then you can press crouch button to drop off the ladder 🙂 I'll go ahead and take that gless ps4 wr down since it does have animation cancels that it shouldn't have.