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Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Venezuela and it's not a remote country that speaks English 🙁

I would like to be mod, since I love all the games that have to do with half life and its expansions, besides I have a vast knowledge with the graphics engine "GoldSoucer, Goldsrc"


I do not record my games, since my pc is not so powerful that we say


Hello Blackmelor,

it is not necessary to record a video of the game with OBS or the like. If you want to submit a run, the only thing that counts is demo recording in the game via bunnymod xt. That doesn't cost your pc a lot of resources. A lot of players do it that way often because their pcs can't local record videos as well.

Have a look at this guide to setup your game:


GL with that


Ok friend, although I repeat my main question again

-Can I be mod?




only when u beat master_noi at AG. Its in the rules didn't you read them? smh

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