what happened to the snowball minigame and the balloon blowing minigame category it seemed to have been deleted and i heard nothing about it, there was no vote no announcment no forum post nothing, i may not be the most active runner of this game but its not fair for mods too just run around deleting categories that they dont even like without the consent of the runners, my friend got banned from src for deleting a category with very few runners consent and now this, if im missing something please let me know but i heard nothing

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We decided to remove the minigame categories for a few reasons.
1.) They aren’t exclusive to nsmbds, so it didn’t make much sense to have them on the ce boards in the first place.
2.) There is already official leaderboards for timing minigames that can be found here: https:/​/​cyberscore.​me.​uk/​game/​38

I do apologize for not giving a formal announcement about this, but the other mods and I thought that it would sort of just fly under the radar.

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I don't really like this constant excuse for deleting/not creating leaderboards being it already exists somewhere else. Can't everything be migrated to one site already? I don't want to submit runs on 5 different sites for different games, that's the whole point of isn't it?
Fair enough, for this exception since it isn't exclusive to nsmbds i can understand that reasoning, but there have been excuse for not creating new categories because there is already some other [dead] one on a different site. Can we please just use one site for everything? That makes everything so much simpler.

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Why do the minigames get more attention than the actual categories here, I haven't seen any attention given to the "normal" categories and just several forum posts about the snowball game

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There's no reason to have the mini-games on this leaderboard when they're already on a different site with faster (yet unrecorded) times. Having a world record here would technically be incorrect and migrating the boards would take too much effort for something that wouldn't really pay off. The decision has already been made, and not all runs need to be submitted. You can very easily just play for fun and submit them to cyberscore, or even just not submit them at all.

Stop complaining about it. We don't want them here, and that's final. Thank you.

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The thing is isn't a site where you can submit everything otherwise the site would have no freaking sense anymore. I don't want to be the guy but those minigames categories don't have to be here for the reasons the mods said.

And peoples tend to forget you don't need a leaderboard on the site to run something.

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