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I had 2 Skelter Helter boss battle runs, both of which I believed were actually 46 and 38 seconds. In reality, they were not.

In order to run NMH2 on the Dolphin emulator with a low spec PC, you need to first use an action replay code known as "Jumpertwo's speedup". This simply makes the game run at a playable speed. What I failed to notice was that while the game is "sped up", or at very least it runs at a playable speed, the timer is not "sped up", so it runs closer to half speed.

I am very sorry to anyone I may have upset. Both runs were removed, and I am sorry I did not notice earlier. I will be submitting a bug report to Dolphin, and if my account is banned I understand.

Thank you for your time


Thanks for catching the error and going to the lengths of rectifying it. Admittedly, for the few emulator runs we've had on this board, there's always been a little questioning about how legit they are, but we like to give people the benefit of the doubt.

This wasn't a big error and you already deleted them from the board, so feel free to submit a proper time to the board if you figure out how to play the game on Dolphin without such a bug happening (or if you ever submit a console run).