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Hey guys, posting this here because we don't have a good central community board (IRC messages can be easily missed, and AFAIK we don't have a discord of any sort)

So, I'm nearly finished with my NightSky full-game mod. I wanted it done by January, didn't happen. Then I said Feb. 20th, which I will also miss by a bit. It will be done in the next week or so however, and people had talked about blind racing it as an event to get the NightSky community back together.

The date of the race doesn't have anything to do with me however, I wouldn't be blind at all and have played through the game several times recently for testing, so having some easily viewable post about possible times (this post) everyone else is available is a necessity. Also, having a mumble or something for the race would be fun, if anyone would be interested in it.

This weekend or something, I'll ask around #blind and advertise my mod to maybe get more people, another reason to have a central post about the race, since NightSky was popular for races a while ago (years ago, really)

Estimated race length: 3+ hours, the main time sinks I forsee being in Factory and Nonsense. I don't have a particularly good estimate, but adding 30 minutes to your first Alternative time might be a good start.

As for a finish date, I have 3 levels left to finish, 2 of which are half-done and one that just needs major flow fixes (it's a gimmicky vehicle) plus other visual things for menus and such not directly related to gameplay. Let's go with the completion date of FEBRUARY 27, which will really be the night of the 26th, but possibly after midnight for a lot of the community. (And the 27th proper I will be at a venue with not much internet all day, so I better be much more careful with bug tests/packaging than my single-world mod a year ago)

Anyway, I hope lots of people are excited for this mod to finally be done. I'll certainly be glad to be done with it.

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I'm fine with any day as long as it's not on a Wednesday. Evening/night time in European timezones is probably the best but I can manage other times depending on the day it's on.


I can participate on any time of day during the weekends.

Would you guys be interested in seeing if SRL wants to make this a big race? I feel like there would would be a lot of interest in the mod for this game especially considering NightSky is an excellent blind race.


I have 1 week of holidays starting tomorrow, so I could do that anytime this week. Afterwards, weekends only for me.

@altabiscuit : why not trying to make it a big race, I agree that Nightsky is a good blind race, even though mmeaninglessname's mod is said to be harder than the legacy game


Yeah, I sorta have to agree that my mod is not a good blind race for people who haven't played the game at all, as I assume you're comfortable with mechanics like reversing off ceilings, etc. But people who have played through the game before (ideally through alternative mode as well) should be fine. No levels require speed tech (wall climbs, mash boosting) to complete, but some require a lot or precision or familiarity with things like ball balancing or vehicle physics.

So what you'd mentioned like a week ago Altabiscuit about people who had done races of it in the past should be a good target audience.

Edit: Also, apparently ZodaNOR made a NightSky discord now. Reminder to toss me an invite, Zoda 🙂