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Sorry if this is a dumb question...I've been out of the community for a long time and was curious to see how my old PB compared to current records, only to find my run actually listed in the rankings (though with no proof).


I don't remember ever posting on this site, and didn't have an account registered under this username or my old handle until today. It's a really old run from like, 2009 or 2010, and I only remember posting about it on metroid2002. Did someone dig through old threads there and post them here or something?

On a side note, it's really cool to see how far the 100% normal record has come. I'll definitely have to watch some runs! I got my PB down to around 1:04 in-game eventually, which wasn't that great even back then (RTA wasn't common since we were still on SDA rules, so no idea what my actual time was). Crazy to see the improvements everyone has made.


I think most of the runs from m2k2 got brought over when this page was first created. I would say that's almost certainly how it got here.


Yep, john is right - when I first set up this page I added all the times I could find from m2k2's old PBs thread. I promise we're not cyber-stalking you!