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Hi! I'm new in the speedrun community... so my questions might be silly xD

I recently started to speedrun this game. I play the Nintendo 3DS VC version because it's the one I'm more comfortable with right now (being european, our original NES game sucks... and to me it's hard to get an american NES from here. Also, I find other VC versions to have a lot of lag).

My question is: Can I submit runs from that version? If so, is it required for me to use a capture card... or can I just record the screen using an external device (camera, phone, etc...)? I know direct footage would be ideal, but that is pretty expensive for the 3DS xD

Last question: Is the run required to be streamed... or can I just record the video, then post it? Do I have to be physically visible in the video or can I just record the game screen?

As I said, many of this questions may be stupid... but I never really got into speedrunning before and I'm starting kind of blind here ;D

Thanks beforehand ^^


You dont have to stream. Im not sure if that version is allowed but i think not. I prefer using NES emulator. You can take a video from a camera,phone camera, etc. I suggest you get the FCEUX or NEStopia for an emu. (If you dont know what an emu is,that I think you do, Its a programm that allows you to play older games for free on an emulator that you use (you can get a couple of those in emuparadise.me))

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Thanks for your help. I thought nobody was gonna answer xD

I know what an emulator is xD But I've always thought those had some kind of lag... and that's why I didn't try to run this game on it. I'll give it a try.

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Your welcome xD. I checked it a bit about the subject, and it turns out if you use VC you can just mark it as an emu and youre good, but im not sure if the 3DS VC works the same way. I would reccomend running on emu to dont run the risk of running something, and ending up getting rejected for it.NEStopia is a good emu without much lag, and the closest to original hardware i have found. Good Luck With your runs