Adding Circuits to the leaderboard
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Adding Circuits to the leaderboard
Tennessee, USA

In the game, there many circuits and I say that we make each circuit part of the leaderboard separately. We can do this so new players are better at 1 circuit than another. if you like this, please tell some moderators about this or if you are a moderator, please make this part of the leaderboard

United States

You can always do individual fight speedruns or just do a full game run! Nobody cares how good/slow you are and you'll improve quickly. I would also suggest joining the discord server if you have other questions as people are more active on there.

Virginia, USA

There is no advantage to adding separate categories for each circuit. A full run of the game takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes real time. The first half of the game isn’t challenging enough to warrant this. There is a category for Another World Circuit which takes out some of the less eventful fights. I’d suggest running that if the full game doesn’t interest you.