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Please comment your speedrunning ideas. Make sure to check that your idea isn't already taken.


I was thinking of "levels" as each island. More specifically, there can be world peace, any%, all collectables, 100%, and more for each level. Also, there can be 100% and world peace for the whole game. There could also be a speedrun to get a full smiley for each individual character in the game.


I see you have discord we are very active over there too 🙂 come and join 😊 we would be happy to have you

Also you could have posted your idea without making an idea thread 😊 we don't mind not having a place for that yet as it is a small community 😃


So many categories for just a level lol.
Just any% for a level seems fine.
I guess if you do a run of them it is more likely to get added.

But suggesting categories without runs of them, yea..

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