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Moving Out Forum  /  Arcade games as sub-games / individual levels - yes or no?
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Me and my friend Hyperhero2 have been getting really good at Tight Rope, so when we went to see if there was a category for it, there is only All Arcade Games.

Personally, it would make sense if each Arcade Game got an individual level, or maybe even a sub game. Let me know what you think.


We'll add them if you guys really want 😃

We're also thinking about shifting the focus on ILs instead of Full Runs, so we'll most likely have them in the 'Front Page' when you select on the game


That sounds pretty good.


Just added those levels. Let me know if you'd like to have (The Arcade) next to them just for clarification.


Adding (Arcade) would be great.

And if you really want to, add the VHS levels. Not pressuring you to do that one, though.