TL;DR - Rule Changes:

- Leaderboards will change timing method to IGT (added up after each stage)
- Normal Stats category is gone, since there is no point yet to speedrun it (slower, inconsistent, etc)
- After you die in a phase, you have to reset, since IGT is not accurate anymore


Hello everyone!

Since there are new runners learning the game and submitting runs already (or in the future), i was doing some calculations on how to adjust the leaderboards.

Emulator loading times are WAY, WAY, faster, than Console. This not only leaves console runners behind getting WR, due to losing 6-10 seconds on every single "Phase" (or stage) loading screen, but it makes everything not competitive anymore.

As a mod and active runner of this game, was in a struggle of making changes.
There were these options:

1. Make Emulator runs separated from Console runs

This is bad, because it will divide a small community into running on Emulator or PS2, which makes it just not competitive !

2. Add a specific amount of time to Emulator runs

This is very inconsistent due to loading times on console being so much different and even on emulator it is different by a couple of frames per stage.

3. Use the In-Game Timer (or IGT for short) after each stage and add it up after the run

This is the best way to go. The most accurate way to time runs for personal best.


So now, every run will be re-timed to In-Game Timer or IGT.

This is due to those inconsistent loading times the PS2 has versus the emulator.
A detailed comparison can be found here:

This compares:
Route A - Easy (1) - Max Stats
PandaBURRR (13:13 RTA) vs. skillmammu (RTA 13:00)

While skillmammu's run is faster by 13 seconds RTA, PandaBURRR's run is 1 minute 19 seconds and 23 milliseconds faster on overall IGT.

This makes PandaBURRR's run faster IGT, but slower RTA due to the loading times in the sheet.

A detailed video will be released on this (don't worry, it takes a lot of work, but those times are precisely done to each frame.)

Where does this leave us right now?

Emulators are still allowed on the normal leaderboards.
RTA timing can be done, but is not measured for any run.
IGT will be the timing for all runs to be competitive.

This makes us not dividing the runs into 2 categories and makes times as fast, as you are on each stages, without worrying of getting a console and playing on it. 🙂


- Categories in general will not longer have "Normal Stats"

Reason: Slow, and nobody runs it actually. Also losing a stage will now make the run invalid. See below.

- Since IGT is a new timing method, taking a LOSS during a run, will be counted as invalid. Runs now have to be completed without losing a single stage. (especially counts for Normal and Hard difficulty)

Reason: You could basically lose a fight during a run and still get WR after countless tries. Resetting a fight all over again is not a way to go in a speedrun. So if you take a LOSS, it's a reset.

I know these are a lot of changes, but i've took my days off to actually make them as good and competitive as possible for everyone. Not having PS2 Console and PCSX2 Emulator separated, was my goal, and with the IGT we can do this.

It means a lot of work to do for me as a mod, but also it secures the most accurate runs of this game !

Thank you for reading !

As I stated, i will release a video on that in a few... gimme some time tho, i'm not that good at video editing ! =)