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If I'm tting and I need one kart and one character without unlocking anything which one is it? I have 2 karts for every character and have dry bones, so which one should I use?


there's literally a guide naming a bunch of cars and three other threads asking about karts
one more useless post and I'll have to do something about this as I've seen many of your useless threads in other Mario Karts.

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Dude what is your problem, chill! I was literally just asking what the best kart is, that's not irrelevant. Plus most of those posts are from a year ago. Point is, don't go attacking me when I haven't done anything wrong here.


Well even if it is 1 year ago the post is still the same helpful even for today


It really depends on the track, your skill level and what you're trying to accomplish tbh, db is good for tight turns, offroad and easy prb, but is slow overall, egg is a bit faster but slightly worse offroad and takes turns a bit wider, also easy to prb with though, BLS is really fast but hard to use well (incredibly hard to prb, don't even bother until you git gud), and polt is somewhere in between egg and BLS. Some tracks use different karts as well, particularly for flaps, but those 4 are the big ones.

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I was literally just asking what the best kart is, that's not irrelevant.

And the information was already out there, simply achieved by either looking at the guides, the forum, the WRs, or any run in general.

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In my experience poltergust isn't that great to use as a beginner. Or at least I never found it beneficial when I tried it. You're better off using egg and db for most tracks and bls for tracks like f8c and yf.


@cros107 thanks. @Goomba I don't know what your deal is, i could've looked at other areas and you know what, I actually did. I was just asking again to make sure. Stop bringing it up, it's been like a week and your gonna call me out a week later for something I said that isn't even relevant anymore? Dude just stop and let my live my life and stop acting like your 12.


I love how the only thing you can do is actually continue the conversation when you say you don't want to, then project your own age onto me

Your thread is useless as the information's out there. If everyone were to make a separate thread, this forum would be filled with people constantly asking the same questions.

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bUt i wAntEd tO mAkE sUrE stOp aCtiNg liKe yOuRe 12 i dOnT kNoW wHaT yoUr dEAl iS


Obsidiaus there are 7 guides and 5 of them are from 3 months ago and only 2 are from a year ago.