Idea #1: Loss%
For this run your objective would be to complete a number of tracks in a row (each is a subcategory), but you finish 12th every race. You would try to do all the tracks as fast as possible.
Idea #2: Lakitu%
For this run you would race on one track. The objective would be to get saved by Lakitu once as fast as possible.
Idea #3: All Items
For this run you would try to use every item in the game (excl. Feather item) as fast as you can.
The cc is not determined for any of the runs.

P.S. Maybe share some other run ideas or optimizations for these runs.

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I got one 16rt aka 16 random track% the rules are simple if you lose a single time you have to restart you have to do it in vs race the setups are 150cc or 200cc frantic or normal Hard Computers bikes or with all vehicles


@LoganSpLoganSp Nice Idea

Also when all DLC comes out there could be a 96 track speedrun and a 96 random track speedrun where you do all the tracks. It would take a while but could make a pretty good category


the only idea here that isnt completely dumb/just not a fun speedrun is all items and that too is kinda stupid. Loss% is basically not a speedrun and lakitu% would be 1 second long. Random tracks you just reset until you get the 16 shortest tracks.


@MineChildXMineChildX We’re already planning to have 96 track categories, just like what currently exists for 48 tracks, as well as another set of categories for the 48 new DLC tracks. Random 96 tracks would hopefully just be the same run but out of order, assuming Nintendo adds a 96 track option for VS race. If that happens, then you’ll be able to submit a random order run like a normal 96 track run, like you used to be able to do for 48 tracks. If they don’t add that longer option, then you’d get about 24 of the tracks duplicated on the second 48 track section which just doesn’t sound great to me.

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probably irrelevant but curious fact:
the chance of getting the 16 shortest tracks by randomness out of 48 is of 1 in about 2254848914000 (2,2548...*10^12)

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