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If anyone has any comments or complaints about the categories, their rules (either in principle or how they are written) or the page theme, please let me know. I plan to add more categories once I've 100% the game and understand everything that involves.


I think 100% should actually be 110% since that's the actual 100% (you can get 100% without collecting everything)

(Also maybe we should make a discord, helps a ton for organizing the community)

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Hey everyone! I'm going to be doing my first runs of this today. I agree that discord could help with communication and community. I'm also working on getting 100% to see what it involves. I still need a few more coins.

Any plans to add second run categories? I also have no idea what unlocks the third run type yet.


You have to finish a 100% run to unlock the third mode.

I think the ideal would be to have a normal, second run, and marys mode categories, with any%, 110% and fewest runs subcategories.

(Or maybe make fewest runs a misc category?)


I have an idea for a new category. Call it something along the lines of NoRestart%, and have it so you have to play the game without using restarts, always using the full 60 seconds it gives you to do what you need to do.


I don't know if this is common knowledge or not, but PS4 is definitively faster for Second Run than PC because you don't need to take the camera to the lobby near the end, you just pick up the Press Pass and run straight to the toilet. I'm the only guy running PS4 regularly right now so I don't know if it demands some category shifts, but all I know is that I got sub 4 with far less optimal movement than Seij. I'm not complaining but I don't know if it's entirely fair. This difference stands to save around 5-7 seconds from where I'm looking.

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This is a discussion we had on the Discord indeed, it's more of a ~9s gain (~8s to get the camera to the lobby and reset,and~1s gained from the press pass being easier to pickup). I'm not sure that we need a new category though, the devs know of that difference being an issue in speedrun and are hopefully going to malke the press pass available on PC.
You should definitely drop by on the discord though, we have a lot of discussion concerning strats and runs there ^^

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