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Hey Speedrunners - I'm cryogenik, the composer/musician that released "Megametal" 20 years ago. I'm working on the sequel...Megametal II, and I'm trying to find some speedrunners to work with. I'd like some 1080p video footage of people speedrunning Megaman 2 that I can sync up to my renditions in Premiere and make some awesome videos to showcase the tunes and awesome speedruns. I have seen Cyghfer's runs, but I can't seem to get ahold of him, and thought maybe some other speedrunners might like to showcase their awesome gameplay. HMU if this interests you! Here's the link to the March progress video on my patreon page where I'll be releasing progress videos,2-4 songs per month, and other content until I have the whole game done. Cheers!

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