If corpius is spore spawn equivalent then drogyga could be crocomire equivalent


I dunno, isn't Corpius needed because of Phantom Cloak? Is there progression in the early game where Phantom Cloak isn't required?


Well yeah that's true. Maybe it's too early to say anyway cause there still so much to find. But atleast corpius is one suggestion if anyone want something superfast


I welcome the idea of skipping Corpius; that boss has always been annoying to me, even on good days.


You have to have Phantom Cloak to enter one of the EMMI Central Unit chambers, don't remember which. So unless you can expediently do a run without taking out that EMMI, I don't think Corpius can be skipped


Not to mention there's no way to Cataris on the initial visit without the Phantom Cloak, barring some kind of massive skip being found.

The Burenia path requires Grapple Beam, while the Dairon needs a Speed Booster. Teleportals aren't possible either, as the Red one needs a Morph Ball while Blue is basically on the Burenia path. You would basically need some kind of clip that wouldn't end up with you insta-killed for being out of bounds.

You'd also have to find new routes through EMMI Areas, as I know there's at least one Phantom Gate that you have to get through there, though its not at a Central Unit entrance.

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Yes for glitchless please, I think the only think I'd count as a glitch at the moment is shooting through walls without wave. Slide jumping clearly not a glitch because it was intended, and those underwater bomb jumps seems like a normal thing too.

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Yes, I'd love a glitchless category. It wouldn't force people to learn things like pseudo wave beam to feel like they're running a proper route. Plus it's more patch resistant (assuming they patch anything other than game crashing bugs).
idk about underwater bomb jumping tho. I haven't looked too far into it yet, but it definitely seems like an unintended mechanic to me. There's clearly a limit to how high you can bomb jump underwater normally, and people have told me it has to do with not landing after placing the bomb or something? It's not as obvious as psuedo wave beam, but it still feels like a glitch to me.

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You are not forced to learn glitches to submit to a leaderboard where glitches are allowed

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I just want to run the game in a way that I enjoy, which at the moment is without glitches. I'm not forced to learn glitches it's true, but it would be nice if I could see how my time is comparing to others who also play glitchless.

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Given there was an insane skip discovered 15 or so hours ago, where Samus’s whole body clips through floors now, it’s possible to get Screw Attack before Plasma. Not sure if the tricks are RTA viable, but now would be a good time for a glitchless category.

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Rather than a glitchless category, maybe an All Bosses category? It comes out to more or less the same thing, but allows for the use of other glitches in future

Though if we've gotten into Samus shifting through the floor like she's the Flash, then yeah I could see going Glitchless instead...

Glitchless subcategory, maybe? Glitchless any%, glitchless 100%, glitchless 0%?

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Why 0% and not Low%? As far as I understand, games that have Low% don't restrict you to a certain number of items, they just prioritize number of items over time. So, someone who beats the game with 0% of items in 3 hours will be in the lead compared to someone who beats the game with 1% of items in 2 hours.

0% raises the barrier to entry, which is probably why the category doesn't have a lot of activity right now.

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Because Low% is, more or less, just Any% right now. As evidenced by the fact 0% is viable, there is legit no difference between Low% and Any%.

Low% is normally basically the bare minimum you -must- get to get through the game. Given that the game only tracks Energy Tanks, Energy Parts, Missile Tanks, Missile+ Tanks, and Power Bomb Tanks in terms of item collection percentage, this basically means you just go through and get all (or most of) the major suit upgrades and beat the game.

Right now 0% doesn't have a lot of activity most likely because Any% is the BIG category that everyone runs. Even 100% is kind of on the back burner while everyone is busy developing Any% or running that. Further more, 0%, much like the purpose of Low%, is to showcase off the runner's skill and almost mastery of the game and the fights in it.

The other issue, now that I think about it, is that the game DOES NOT give you a final item collection rate at the end. It also doesn't save your game after the final battle, so you would have to make a specific save prior to the final boss so that way people could easily check your collection rate without having to sit there and watch the run in full, adding or subtracting from the total as necessary. And given the Energy Parts and Missile+ tanks, you can't do like you would with 100% or 0% and just look at the stats during the final boss fight.


Back on the Glitchless topic, what about something like "No Clips" as a possible alternative? That way you could allow some simpler glitches like UBJ and the water space jumping thing (for early SA), but not crazier stuff like floor clips or pseudo wave (bc the shot "clips" through the terrain). Reverse grapple blocks and diffusion shenanigans might be a bit of a gray area tho.

Just throwing out ideas. I don't understand the glitches super well just yet.


I'm hoping to see an all bosses/glitchless category. Some of those maneuvers in the cats we have now I just can't do.


The difference between any% and low% is that any% just does whatever is the fastest possible thing. Where low% is grabbing as few items even at the cost of speed. If someone did a run of low% with say all major items that took 2 hours but someone else did a run with one less major but took 4 hours than the 4 hour run would be the new record for low% since they were able to grab fewer items. Repeat until you're running through the game as naked as you can get.


@WormanoWormano That is true, except for the fact that major items DO NOT count towards the item collection percentage. The 2 hour low% that got all the major items would -STILL- be the record over the 4 hour low% that skipped one or two of the major items. This is why we have 0% INSTEAD OF low%.

I even went and tested it myself, getting both Charge Beam and Phantom Cloak, and then saving after each. Both times the Item percentage DID NOT change.


low% isn't about collection % since majors don't count and with the game still growing and new skips being found there isn't a stable floor yet for low% so running it would be a moot point right now.