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After some discussion about making Set Seed Any% RTA without Loads, we have now fully established this timing method into all Set Seed Any% runs. This only eliminates the loading times when entering and leaving the Nether and entering the End. And as such, all runs that have been submitted to the SS boards will be retimed to fit the new timing method. Keep note that only SS will be affected and not the other categories. If you have any concerns about this change, message me or the other mods or join the discord server and leave your concerns there.
You can respond to this thread as well.

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Hello this is stupid


what mango man said


real hardware and emulators have a HUGE difference in loading times, it sucks, i dont see any problem with the change imo


no you are stupid
nether takes like 10 seconds to render for me
its unfair that some people just have faster running games


if anyone says its dumb, its literally because some consoles have 20-30 second loading screens, while others have it at 3-8 seconds

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Bruh mango no joke on my platform (Xbox 1) I get like 6 seconds of loads but another top runner (Jerrin) on ps3 can sometimes get up to 40 seconds of loads. And in a run where 40 seconds of loads compared to my 6 would put me in first place on ss instead of 3rd i think that is a problem if you think that its stupid

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i think the rule should also apply to other runs
yes i know that would cause chaos, due to massive retimings but it would make the runs way more fair


I agree but I believe only the full game runs and the all bosses runs/achievements no tutorial runs

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