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Hey all,

So I decided to pick up this game again yesterday, after having not run it for about 3-4 years (though only ever offline), and have run into this problem. I have 2 versions of the PC game right now:

1) The original download from 2010, when it first showed up online. This one runs as smooth as butter, however, can only play in fullscreen, and any alt + tabbing causes the game to crash, making it hard to use splits.


2), which came out yesterday (oddly enough), plays windowed and has good frame rate...except when switching between levels, making it impossible to run with.

Is there a happy medium out there? I'm sure one of the older downloads like 1.8 works perfectly fine, but I was wondering if anybody had any insight so I wouldn't have to re-download the game a dozen or so times.

Thanks in advance!


Ok, so for anyone else who may be interested in this question, I finally got some spare time and went through a couple of the versions:

I would avoid both 1.9.1 & 1.8.3, as the former wouldn't even boot up for me, and the latter had problems oversizing the resolution, as well as alt + tabbing, leading to a software crash and computer reset.

I highly recommend as of right now. Alt + tabbing works fine, and although it still opens in fullscreen mode, alt + enter fixes this problem (still can't figure out how to disable the Dean scream though, sorry).


I would like to put together a version with reliable loads, though I believe a base-game version is on someone's to-do list. It may be easier for me to look at the old version and throw in the screen settings that exist in recent versions.


I don't know if you already have them or not, but I can throw the 2010 files up on a Mega download if you'd like. Although I will say that before moving on to a newer version, I did try using some game visual modifiers before (Borderless Gaming, Virtual Box, etc.), and not only did they not change the fullscreen visuals, they actually disabled the mouse, meaning the marble was still controlled via WASD, but the camera became locked to the arrow keys (it honestly felt a lot like playing on console this way). So I guess what I'm trying to say is that newer screen settings might not work that well, but it still may be worth a try.


Part of the slow loading is directly due to the level preview system we have in place, it's not like that on Xbox as it uses a entire different system we don't have