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Here's a quick quide on how to get the Max Payne Load Remover working for you in LiveSplit!

It's actually rather simple, first right click on your Max Payne splits and click on Edit Splits:

From here change the Game Name to Max Payne. Now you should see the option to activate the Load Remover, so click Activate:

Click OK and then Right Click your splits again, this time click Edit Layout:

Now click on Layout Settings:

Next Click the tab that says Timer:

Lastly, click the drop down arrow for Timing Method and change to Game Time.

Click OK twice to exit the Layout Editor.
Be sure to save your Layout!

Now you are ready to play!


Hi there, decided to speedrun Max Payne (v. 1.05), and was very pleased to see such script exists. However, Load Removal doesn't seems to work. As I can figure, it's either because I run the game in windowed, or because i launch it via batch-file so only one core would be used (doesn't work otherwise).

upd: I decided to look at LiveStream.MaxPayne.asl extension and seems like it only works for steam version of a game?


So you are playing on retail version? The script should work for both Steam and retail.

As for the .asl extension are you referring to the one in the Resources tab? I would like to get this issue resolved for you, especially if you plan on improving your time in the game.


I can say I'm on retail though I installed it from vcd made almost decade ago. Then i installed patch to 1.05 found somewhere on the internet and no-cd patch and sound fix. Not sure if it still counts as a legal copy 🙂

Unfortunately, money is tight and buying steam version isn't an option now.

If you still want to help, I gladly accept your help.

.asl Extension is in Component folder for me

// unknown/default version
I reckon that's where retail version are checked and there's nothing.

Layout settings:

Split settings:


I know I'm kinda late here but I have the same problem, I did everything I could (The steps Joe provided on the forum post, running livesplit as administrator, using the livesplit max payne asl extension, I even tried using the maxpayne.exe on the folder where max payne was installed, also tried downloading some components from the LiveSplit website). Nothing seems to work.


Same thing here. I even tried launching livesplit and the game on the same GPU (I'm on a laptop), but that didn't do the trick either.


Just to be clear, neither of you (MaxHeat + f0oga) are playing on Steam version?


I have a Steam version


Recently I could get the load remover to work on Max Payne 2, which I couldn't do in the past for some reason, but the load remover for Max Payne 1 is still not working, and I also downloaded Max Payne 2 from thepiratebay


Could anyone who has a steam version show me what this should look like if you have a steam version?

Also looking back at my last replies I said that I downloaded a copy from thepiratebay dont worry thats legal in my country lool


Just managed to make it work, Steam 1.05 version. Don't forget to put your timer in "Game Time" mode guys, as Joe (thanks for everything Joe <3) wrote on the first post. 🙂


Glad you got it working MaxHeat and thanks DiFFtY for sharing the info.


Thanks ive been able to get a nice time thanks to the load remover


Did you manage to launch it? I tried a hundred times, it does not stop while loading(
Need EN Steam Version?


Yes english version is the most consistent for it, there is an english version converter available on steam forums


I heard of people who got it working for russian version but I'm really not sure how to do that, it automatically works if you just have english version, at least it did for me. I do actually have steam in english so I didn't have to go through this


UuNot really my place since I never did actual runs but from experience, are you sure you selected game time comparison in livesplit? 😃
Because I think I had retail version and it still worked.


Thank you, Augustine. But this method replaces only language files (x_data, x_english). And still not working (
Yes. i set "game time".
Installed version steam, but Russian. (You can’t even imagine how badly sounded).
LiveSplit intercepts "max payne" process itself and searches for specific addresses in it.
I have suspicions. Perhaps the operating system affects this and because of it the game gets other addresses.
But maybe I'm wrong.


Problem solved!
I want to thank ShoshonElegant. He provided a working script.

The problem was in one line, or rather in its position (version = "Steam";).

It just had to be raised higher (switch (modules.First (). ModuleMemorySize)).
Below is a screenshot.

He uploaded this script to the GoogleDrive. And the corresponding topic was created on the forum.

Thanks to all)