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Could somebody explain me, how it works? I'm pretty good at clearing the first rounds, but never get every 10 races.
So is it like "clear three rounds in X min" and just just the last one is a full run? Or is it like you have to beat the first race with X rounds?


That's something I'm also concerned about.
I think it is designed when you first have to clear the amount of rounds, but the rules state that the timer stops once you completed a certain stage.
If that's the case, the leaderboards/rules has to be changed because the "3 Rounds" category involves only the first stage.
For example the first stage (currently known as "3 Rounds"), then 3rd stage, 5th stage, 7th stage and all stages.
Doing it in rounds (especially the 10th one) takes a good portion of time and a risk of losing the entire run.
And custom matches have timing differences (and the difficulty has to be adjusted properly).

I would time it from start of the first stage to the end of the 10th stage.
Wishing you the best of luck. It's not easy to clear the entire Coinathlon.


I'll say. I only beat like 3 or 4.


So one game of Coinathlon is 10 races. So a 3 round run is completing 3 of those races. 5 round run is 5 races, so on.


The category is being renamed because I realize I messed up. I’m fixing rules as well now.

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And how about times? Because I have a normal 2DS (in homebrewed), so I loose a lot of time in between every round, minigame.
If I haven't made a mistake, should be like 10 seconds per 3 rounds...