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So I was speedrunning SMO yesterday and beforehand I checked the rules, when I submitted the run I had unrightfully been given an extra 4 minutes. Today I speedran it again, saving roughly 3.5 minutes, but the run got rejected because all of a sudden all runs need video proof while when I checked it before I did the first stream yesterday it said only sub 1:20:00 runs needed video back-up. Explain.


I guess they changed the rules to require video proof for all runs - The rules are:

Beat the game as fast as possible.

Timing begins when selecting "Start" on a new file and ends when you shoot out of the electric wire in the escape sequence.

RTA timing is used meaning runs must be completed within one sitting and the timer cannot be paused at any point in the run.

All runs require video proof.

Use of Amiibo, Luigi's Balloon World, and Assist Mode is banned.

One player mode only.