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After talking with a few people, we are going to schedule the Super Mario Relay Race

Tentatively September 27th at 1 PM EST (-4 GMT)

- Super Mario Brothers 1 (Warpless through World 8 )
- Super Mario Brothers 2 USA (Warpless through World 7)
- Super Mario Brothers 2 Japan / Lost Levels (Warpless through World 8 )
- Super Mario Brothers 3 (Any % Warpless through World 8 )
- Super Mario World (Any % No Star World)
- Super Mario 64 (70 Star)


Team details will be shown once people enter and will be assigned evenly as possible based on Total PB time for the submitted games to make the overall time as close as possible. I.E. the average total times for all games will be used to make teams equal as possible.

- Playing on console or approved emulator (SRL permitted ones) is perfectly fine. Members will need to stream and should do so via SRL
- Runners should join the #mariorelayrace channel on IRC on SRL during the race to communicate so members on their team will know when they are finished so the next team member will begin.
- Games will be played in the above listed order.
- Runners should stream to their own channel as the relay race will be streamed to the primary channel listed above.

If you are interesting in participating and for more details, please visit

If you are interested in commentating, please make mention in this thread.