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For those who aren't super coding-savvy, here's the critical lines:
var chance = Math.random() * (150 - risk);
if (chance <= _root.btlChance && _root.btlChance != 0 && GameData.steps >= 30 || _root.forceBattle)

Every step you take adds to "risk", and to GameData.steps. The game counts 30 steps (on any square), which are always safe -- and aside from that, it increments "risk" every time a battle could occur, and doesn't. Therefore, it's possible to "use up" the 30 safe steps, even if your risk is still 0.
btlChance varies per region, lower meaning fewer encounters. Here's the list of values & the average encounter rate:

Battle chance 1: 89.5 steps per fight
Fire Temple Hub
Battle chance 2: 69.33 steps per fight
Goznor Sewer Level 1, Sandflow Caves - Gate room, Green Switch, King Cuthbert, Sun Temple, Water Temple
Battle chance 3: 59.25 steps per fight
Aeropolis Slums, Astral Tunnel, Canonia Woods, Catacombs, Crimson Peak, Crystal Cave, Dark Temple, Dreamcave, Dreamshrine, Dreamwood, Eastern Glens, Fire Temple 2 and challenge rooms, Gem Mine, Lake Qur, Lake Qur Underwater, Lifewood, Moric's Battleship Level 1, Sandflow Caves - Blue Switch, Soothwood, Tainted Grotto, Trilobite Cave
Battle chance 4: 53.2 steps per fight
Fire Temple Antechamber, Goznor Sewer Level 2, Miasmal Citadel, Sandflow Caves - Gizmometer, Passage to Miasmal Citadel, Passage to Sun Temple, Saul's Dungeon
Battle chance 5: 49.17 steps per fight
Earth Temple, Lost Monastery, Social Fox's Tomb
Battle chance 8: 42.44 steps per fight
Dreamwood - Pixie Spring, Gem Mine Underwater
Battle chance 10: 40 steps per fight
Dragon's Lair