Any% - Wall Clip in 11m 57s by GellyGelly (Obsolete)

and thus, the merger of wall clip low% and wall clip any%

Mod note: Add 34s for new end time.

Lag Flait: Lagless

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Submitted by GellyGelly on

Verified by Californ1aCaliforn1a on


Name Duration Finished at
-World_000 1m 12s 000ms 1m 12s 661ms
{First Clip}Hallway_W000_W001 0m 20s 000ms 1m 32s 851ms
-World_001 0m 58s 000ms 2m 31s 459ms
-Hallway_W044_W001A 0m 14s 000ms 2m 45s 523ms
-World_044_CubicSpaceDivision 0m 18s 000ms 3m 04s 256ms
{Clip}Hallway_W044_W501 0m 02s 000ms 3m 06s 763ms
-World_801 0m 31s 000ms 3m 38s 564ms
-Hallway_W801_W808 0m 01s 000ms 3m 40s 186ms
-World_808_WaterThruPortals 0m 45s 000ms 4m 25s 401ms
-World_802 0m 21s 000ms 4m 46s 621ms
-World_803 0m 28s 000ms 5m 15s 386ms
-World_804 0m 27s 000ms 5m 42s 442ms
-Hallway_W804_W807 0m 09s 000ms 5m 52s 089ms
-World_807_TetrominoWaterAndGears 0m 18s 000ms 6m 10s 790ms
-Hallway_W807_W806 0m 05s 000ms 6m 16s 757ms
-World_806 1m 01s 000ms 7m 17s 821ms
-Hallway_W806_W071 0m 08s 000ms 7m 26s 154ms
-World_805 0m 02s 000ms 7m 28s 567ms
-Hallway_W805_W071 0m 03s 000ms 7m 32s 228ms
-World_71_AkshardhamTemple 1m 27s 000ms 8m 59s 382ms
{Final Mandala}Audiovisual_071 0m 35s 000ms 9m 34s 554ms
-Hallway_W071_W072 0m 08s 000ms 9m 43s 431ms
-Hallway_W071_W809 0m 07s 000ms 9m 50s 897ms
-World_809 0m 02s 000ms 9m 53s 432ms
-Hallway_W809_W810 0m 07s 000ms 10m 00s 931ms
-World_810 0m 02s 000ms 10m 03s 247ms
-Hallway_W810_W072 0m 07s 000ms 10m 10s 780ms
-World_072_FinalLevel 0m 17s 000ms 10m 27s 796ms
-World_902_EndingFallOne 0m 41s 000ms 11m 09s 095ms
-World_903_EndingFallTwo 0m 12s 000ms 11m 21s 295ms
{ENDING}World_904_EndingFallThree 0m 02s 000ms 11m 23s 810ms
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