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I used to play this game and forgot about it, so i downloaded it again for my iPad (iOS 10.3.3) and i can not see a time trial feature like the runs for Android, so i was wondering if there is in fact a in-game timer for the iOS version or do i need to time the run my self, if so what are the guidelines for starting and ending timing.


Hi mad king. For some unknown reason the iOS version doesn't include time trial. You can time manually although it's not easy!

Time seems to start the first frame the jets light up.

I believe time ends when both craft feet are on the pad simultaneously BUT the time can carry on when the craft bounces back up but not always. I think the key to spotting when the in game clock would have stopped (if iOS had one) is when the camera starts to zoom in on the pad.

Please time as best you can and submit so we can check. Unfortunately it is not an exact science because of the end time vagueness, also the fact that you can only be accurate to the nearest frame whereas I think the IGT on android may be more accurate than that.


You also need to add 2 seconds for each damaged thruster and 4 seconds for each damaged leg.