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All The Chores?
All the madness?
sounds interesting, could it be done??


I have looked into doing all of the chores before, however the laundry annoyed me to the point that I didn't want to do it anymore. There is also the question of whether you would need to complete the whole game or just the chores. If you have to complete the whole game, its pretty much any% but level 2 takes longer - in my opinion that it not very interesting. There is another question of what chores need to be done, since there are chores which dont appear in the list in your notebook.

Cob did some routing of a goodboy%, which was get into the trike as fast as possible, which is similar to all chores. No leader board for that though.

In terms of glitchless, that would not be very interesting at all in my opinion. There is currently no shooting if you do not like the kill cancelling glitch (and it includes runs done prior to the discovery of kill cancelling). But if you wanna do a glitchless run be my guest. If you send me a link to a run ill think about making a category.


From back when I was still young and hot 🙂