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Not sure if any of you are interested in this game anymore but I have discovered a new glitch that may be speedrun viable but its up to you.

Basically, I have found a way to start the game with the bicycle which may be able to save a lot of time in speedruns as I'm pretty sure it is faster than Lucius sprinting.

Here's a step by step guide:
1) Load a new game on a new profile and wait for the "Cold As Hell" mission sign to show up, once that happens, end the game.

2) Switch to a profile with the bicycle and load chapter 8 (this may not work on any other chapter so use chapter 8 to be on the safe side). Once you have loaded into your room, end the game again.

3) Switch to the profile we have just made and click new game again and wait until you pick up the notebook. All 3 items should be there!

This will probably only save a small amount of time in normal Any% but has the potential to save a lot of time in Glitchless or Any% no shooting.

I know that no speedruns have came up for nearly a year but I thought I'd share it to you.


That's an interesting glitch! Unfortunately for most speedruns, the whole point is to start from new game and only use what you have done during the course of the run. So a glitch like this would usually have to be a separate category. (That's not to say we all have to follow this convention of course. It would ultimately be up to the community to decide)

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I see, I completely understand the fact that it should be its own category, although I posted here just in case