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I really want to start running this game, but it's super long.
I feel like it would help people get a good start with running this game if we had individual chapters.

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I agree, I didn't realize it wasn't an option yet. I have no objection with it but I'd like to see what the other mods first.


the other mods dont seem to be very active at all though


If individual chapters were added, the full play-through category would still exist right?


Yeah, both would exist. Also true >< I shall get on making the individual levels now then

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It hath been done, happy running guys! Also thanks for the suggestion, now I don't have to sit for 3 hours watching every submission (even if it was amusing) lmao

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could we also get full individual episodes?
and does level mean chapter? im a little confused lol


No problem and yeah just realized my mistake. I'm fixing it now!


Okay so a ton of new stuff got added to the IL category as well as one rule update I added after remembering Speedyhoprs run.

New Levels (Had to use shorthand so the records could actually be legible)

Ep.1, All Chapters
Ep.2 All Chapters
Ep.3 All Chapters
Ep.4 All Chapters
Ep. 5 All Chapters

First set are for doing the full chapters as you can guess

Ep.1, Ch.1-3
Ep.2, Ch.1-3
Ep.3, Ch.1-3
Ep.4, Ch.1-5
Ep.5, Ch.1-3
Ep.6, Ch.1-4

These are the specific sections within the individual levels for running

New Categories
Made the Solo EP & Co-Op EP specifically for use when running ILs of the Episode Chapters. as I can't alter the existing categories without risking ruining the existing runs.

New Rule for co-op runs

"If 1 or more players disconnect so long as at least 2 players remain by the end of the run, it is still valid. The players may be reconnected if they are able to."

It's unfair if some freak accident happens that the run just dies. So I figure as long as at least 2 people are still in the party at the end (even if you don't regain your old fallen party members) it still counts.

Hopefully, you guys like the update. If we start getting more runs and it becomes just visually a mess I'll try and fiddle with the nameing so we can actually read.

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but im still confused about the chapters. that's just the levels right? also what happened to prologue? i just finished a run of that lmao


Okay so the Episode is how the game is split up following each team. Chapters are the specific areas within them. The Category-G Akrid would also count. Prologue, which I noticed in your run, was included so I was under the impression you couldn't do Chapter 1 without including it by default. So I'll ask now to confirm with yall

1- Are we including the final boss fights that mark the end of each Episode in IL runs, should they be their own thing, or both?
2- Can you skip the Prologue or do you always have to pick it when doing a Chapter?

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1 - both
2 - personally, i would prefer to have to do the prologue since its listed as part of episode 1 in the game


Okay cool, then bosses will be added solo which means you'll have to do your run again including the first boss >< I'll just merge prologue & episode 1 together but leave a thing about it in the rules

May Daddy Luck be on your side

Updated the rules to reference the final boss being included, added IL boss runs, and readded Prologue by itself

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im really sorry but im still a bit confused. just because of the fact that what the game calls chapters seem to be just missions sometimes. yes or no, does level mean mission or chapter?
also if level does mean chapter, why not remove the levels and just rename solo and co-op ep to solo ep/ch or co-op ep/ch


Because those are connected to the training mode ILs as setup by the original mods. If I removed it that would delete the existing runs. Hence why I added the solo and co-op options. That way the old runs don't have to be forcibly deleted and resubmitted


It's for training mode Is only. The others are for regular ILs