Any% - Solo in 3h 15m 16s by KobazcoKobazco (Obsolete)

This was an insane race and ending. Was really fun even though it has tons of mistakes.

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Submitted by KobazcoKobazco on

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Name Duration Finished at
Steward 8m 53s 669ms 8m 53s
Chambrea 5m 46s 373ms 14m 40s
Kruller 10m 23s 176ms 25m 03s
Chef Soulffle 4m 04s 982ms 29m 08s
Amadaeus Wolfgeist 12m 17s 550ms 41m 25s
MacFrights 10m 32s 745ms 51m 58s
Dr. Potter 10m 20s 409ms 1h 02m 18s
Godzilla 11m 01s 639ms 1h 13m 20s
Ug 13m 20s 269ms 1h 26m 40s
Clem 12m 00s 412ms 1h 38m 41s
Serpci 17m 29s 989ms 1h 56m 11s
Twisted 11m 58s 372ms 2h 08m 09s
Fishook 18m 57s 419ms 2h 27m 07s
Johnny Deepend 11m 23s 108ms 2h 38m 30s
Phantasmagloria 13m 29s 822ms 2h 51m 59s
Hellen Gravely 14m 58s 438ms 3h 06m 58s
King Boo 8m 18s 424ms 3h 15m 16s
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