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So I am continually having issues with the A button not responding after I land on the ground and try to jump again. Also, sometimes when I'm climbing with the gorilla or the mouse it won't respond with every jump. I've tried 2 nes controllers (cleaned both) and one 3rd party on 2 different systems with original cartridge and everdrive. Any ideas? I'm getting super frustrated and not sure where to go next for troubleshooting.


I know for me it still feels like the game is eating inputs every now and again on jumps. I have to purposely slow myself down because it seems like there's a frame or two between when you hit the ground and when you can jump again.

Hopping with the frog is where it gets me most, but there are other instances as well. I think it's just one of those weird Nemo physics things, and it seems to be more prevalent on actual hardware. That's actually the reason that I never play Nemo on emulators - the response time is too fast and totally screws me up when I go back to console. Some kind of RAM buffer issue with the console perhaps?

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Ok thanks Bitty...I was hoping that wasn't the case but good to know.