Freeplay RTA - Solo in 1h 42m 56s by loopyloopy (Obsolete)

Time starts at: 0:30
Time ends at: 1:43:26

Really good but can still be improved.

Played on PlayStation 4 on

Submitted by loopyloopy on

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Name Duration Finished at
Prologue 2m 22s 854ms 2m 22s
Park Shutdown 5m 56s 925ms 8m 19s
Welcome to Jurassic Park 4m 04s 666ms 12m 24s
Restoring Power 5m 03s 467ms 17m 27s
Visitor Center 11m 22s 958ms 28m 50s
Welcome to Jurassic World 11m 01s 804ms 39m 52s
Main Street Showdown 4m 21s 281ms 44m 13s
Under Attack 7m 34s 538ms 51m 48s
Gyrosphere Valley 5m 47s 788ms 57m 36s
Out of Bounds 4m 07s 602ms 1h 01m 43s
Landing Site 2m 51s 277ms 1h 04m 35s
The Spinosaurus 4m 12s 176ms 1h 08m 47s
Breeding Facility 3m 02s 139ms 1h 11m 49s
Eric Kirby 3m 43s 312ms 1h 15m 32s
The Bird Cage 4m 58s 973ms 1h 20m 31s
Isla Sorna 4m 37s 932ms 1h 25m 09s
InGen Arrival 5m 29s 721ms 1h 30m 39s
The Hunted 4m 35s 314ms 1h 35m 14s
Communications Centre 3m 45s 665ms 1h 39m 00s
San Diego 3m 56s 446ms 1h 42m 56s
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