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Hey all,

Just thought I'd open discussion on creating 100%. I've been diving into the game for the past couple of days and thought I would share my findings—

For the first sequence of bots, there seems to be a total of 10 bots. Nice and even.

Castle Island has a total of 10 grails. There is, however, a page that can be collected during the Diving minigame that has no apparent effect on the game whatsoever whether you collect it or not (I'm not even sure it contributes to total score). Should this page count for 100% completion?

Oddly enough, I found a total of 6 bots for the second sequence of brickster bots. I absolutely cannot find another. Six doesn't seems like a nice, whole number, though.

Onto Explorer Island. I'm confident in all my numbers here, as there's 10 jewels in the main starting area, 5 in the second area (with the Whack-a-Snake minigame) and 5 again for the final area (with Dino Racing and Mr. Hates). One of the jewels cannot be collected normally without finishing the Mr. Hates minigame since doing so opens up the gate to the tribal enclave where a jewel can be found in the main tent. I was, however, able to clip into the area prematurely using the skateboard.

For the third sequence, I was able to find 10 bots, giving us a grand total of 26 brickster bots.

Lastly, for Ogel Island, I was able to find 9 crystals. One of the crystals is (seemingly) only accessible by clipping ( picture https:/​/​imgur.​com/​gallery/​yOLIYEX ). Another one of the crystals (which happens to be right next to another crystal) is not collectible (for whatever reason).

That's all I was able to find. If any of you were able to find more collectibles let me know.

Additionally, should golding all minigames count towards 100%? I'd imagine that completing the (optional) skateboarding minigame should also count towards 100%.

Thanks all.

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Hey Poshact,

Sorry for the late reply, I was added as a mod after this post was made.

The way I see 100% in a game without an actual percentage counter is complete all objectives in the game. I see this game as having 3 distinct objectives you can complete

1. Complete the main story of the game (i.e. the requirement for any%)
2. Pickup all collectibles scattered throughout the different worlds, which you highlighted above
3. Obtain a gold ranking on all of the minigames in the game, including the skateboard minigame

From my interpretation, you would need to complete all three of these objectives in order to attain "100%" completion of the game.

As for the page in the diving minigame, you automatically are given the page in the cutscene after the minigame if you do not collect it during the minigame. It seems that you are able to gold the game without collecting the page, so I would say that collecting it in the game is not required.

If that sounds good I will go ahead and add those as the rules of the category.

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