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In Arctic World free-play (though I'm pretty sure it's applicable in story as well) I found that it is possible to clip through the two force fields in the final room. So far the only way it works is to fight either of the bad guys as Robin and hopefully you'll get pushed into the force field and then you can move forward or keep attacking to move all the way through. This isn't very practical as you get stuck a lot, and it barely would save any time, but hopefully with more experimenting it will have a use in the future. I thought it'd be good to share this with the small community here 🙂

here is me getting stuck

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Interesting. Recently found in LSWTCSDS, you can use Yoda to clip through things like forcefields and doors, because he carries a lot of speed with his attacks. But I don't think anyone has more speed than anyone else in this game, so I'm not sure what to suggest in terms of making it more consistent.

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After testing, it looks like clipping out of the force fields with a double jumping character is a lot easier then clipping in.

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