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Current cats, don't include this, but i am looking at doing runs of any% and 100%. Is it possible to add those?


Hi, good to see some interest for this game. First of all, I would recommend you to join the LEGO Discord server (discord tab on the left side) to ask any further questions (it makes routing also very effective).
Second, related to your current question, the way this game is layed out is by dividing the game into 6 stories. As every time you beat a story, the credits roll, I decided to separate each story in 1 category each, plus one category for all of them. The categories that you see on the leaderboard are basically the standard definition of "Any%". I also thought that may be some people liked to play with Red Bricks and some may like to play without them. That's why there are separate categories for them. As you can see there are lots of categories already (14 to be exact) and that can be overwhelming to newcomers. Because of that and the fact that I haven't 100%ed the game, we are still working for a definition of 100%. As you know there conquests that are related with multiplayer games and Free Play games (which, in my honest opinion lowers the appeal for the category) and we don't know if that counts towards the IN-GAME 100%.
Another note, for each category you can run them from a non-fresh file, because beating every time 25 min of king act 1 is boring (and having to beat the first act of pirate (or earth) to play imperial (or alien) it is just stupid to me).
Hope to see you around, and welcome to the community.


I am already on the discord server, where I have been discussing hundo (conquests don't count towards it).