Any% Enhanced in 1h 04m 35s by ZebrazillaZebrazilla - 2nd place

First full run finished for Android version. Quite happy about this one, it shows great promise for this version. First reveal of getting FunFrock's Sword way early (08:23) using the save-glitch. Messed up the splits beforehand with the teleportation center being after dino-fly, will be fixed in future runs.

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Name Duration Finished at
Leave Citadel Island 5m 57s 000ms 5m 57s
FunFrock's Sword 2m 26s 000ms 8m 23s
Fisherman's Boat 9m 19s 000ms 17m 43s
Book of Bú 4m 12s 000ms 21m 55s
Ancestral Artifacts 5m 41s 000ms 27m 36s
Magic Flute 2m 50s 000ms 30m 27s
Mutant Eggs 4m 24s 000ms 34m 51s
Clear Water Lake 2m 10s 000ms 37m 02s
Dino-Fly Scenic Route 16m 08s 000ms 53m 11s
Disrupt the Telepods - -
Raze the Fortress 4m 26s 000ms 57m 37s
Heading to Rocky Peak 4m 30s 000ms 1h 02m 08s
End of Tyranny 2m 26s 000ms 1h 04m 35s
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